2023 KPHA Annual Conference

You will not want to miss this two day opportunity to hear from expert speakers as well as network with fellow public health professionals as we work together to enhance the public health infrastructure in our state.


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Connect and Honor

Annual Membership Meeting and Awards

2023 Award Recipients
Samuel J. Crumbine Medal: Elaine Johannes, PhD
Dorothy Woodin Award: Elizabeth Parthemer, RN
Virginia Lockhart Health Education Award: Amy Drassen Ham, PhD, MPH
Special Service Award: Lisa Horn, BA, BSN, RN
Special Service Award: Elizabeth Burger, PhD, MBA, EMT
Corporate Public Health Service Award: Kansas Health Institute
Jane Addams Award: Juliane Walker, MSW
Public Health Policy Maker of the Year Award: Senator Pat Pettey
Public Health Policy Maker of the Year Award: Senator Kristen O’Shea
Emerging Leader Award: Devin Quinn
Emerging Leader Award: Taylor Carter, MPH
President’s Award : Shelby Ostrom


Keynote Speakers

Keynote Panel Discussion: Transforming the Kansas Public Health Workforce

Sonja Bachus, CEO at Community Care Network of Kansas

2023 KPHA Annual Conference


KPHA 2023 W-9


Wednesday, September 20, 2023 | KSU Alumni Center
-1pm-1:15pm – Opening Remarks
-1:15pm-2:15pm – KPHA Policy & Advocacy Toolkit
-2:30pm-3:30pm – Round Table Discussion
-3:30pm-4:15pm – KS Voter Network
-4:30pm-5:00pm – Business Meeting & Awards Ceremony
-5:00pm-7:00pm – Networking Reception

Thursday, September 21, 2023 | KSU Alumni Center
-9am-9:15am – Opening Remarks
-9:15am-10:15am – Keynote Panel Discussion: Transforming the Kansas Public Health Workforce
-10:15am-10:45am – Break  Vendors
-10:45am-11:30 – Breakout #1
-11:30am-12:30pm – Lunch & Vendors
-12:30pm-1:15pm – Breakout #2
-1:15pm-2:00pm – Break & Vendors
-2:00pm-2:45pm – Breakout #3
-2:45pm-3:00pm – Break & Vendors
-3:00pm-4:00pm – Closing Keynote
-4:00pm Closing Remarks


Speakers & Breakout Sessions

Shelby Ostrom

Kansas Association of Local Health Departments

Kansas Health Institute

Lindsay Ford

The Voter Network

Keynote Panel

Transforming the Kansas Public Health Workforce

Rep. Christina Haswood and Rep. Bill Clifford, Ellyn Mulcahy, PhD, MPH, and Julie Gibbs

Moderator: Sonja Armbruster

Breakout Session #1

1. Rebuilding After the Storm: Crafting a Winning Strategy for Public Health Transformation – Kevin Kovach

2. Empowering Everyone to Advocate for Public Health – Healther Braum

3. Communities Organizing to Promote Equity (COPE): Innovative approaches to achieve local health equity in Kansas with Community Health Workers (CHWs) Sarah Finocchario-Kessler & Ton Miras Neira

Breakout Session #2

1. Lived Experience in Public Health: Examining Policy, Practices, and Programs Seth Dewey

2. Holistic Care Coordination: Opportunities for Public Health Workforce to Improve Child and Maternal Health Outcomes – Samiyah Para-Cremer Moore

3. Rabies care in Kansas emergency departments in 2022: A descriptive analysis – Henri Menager

Breakout Session #3

1. Kansas Vaping ECHO for Education: Findings and School-Team Perspective Eleanor Leavens

2. Optimizing Administrative Functions in Local Health Departments: Leveraging ChatGPT for Enhanced Efficiency and Innovation – Tatiana Lin

3. Suspenders4Hope Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Program: Evidence-based Training & Tools for Multiple Target Populations with Intersectoral Collaborations – Jessica Provines

Closing Keynote

Sonja Bachus

Community Care Network of Kansas


Learn More About KPHA

Promoting & Improving Population Health in Kansas


KPHA has been influencing policies and setting priorities in public health for Kansas since 1920.

Throughout our history, we have been at the forefront of numerous efforts to prevent disease and promote health.

The Kansas Public Health Association (KPHA) is the oldest and largest organization of public health professionals in the state, representing more than 250 members from over 20 occupations and organizations.

KPHA brings together researchers, health service providers, administrators, teachers, and other health workers in a unique, multidisciplinary environment of professional exchange, study, and action.

KPHA is concerned with a broad set of issues affecting personal and environmental health, including federal and state funding for health programs, pollution control, programs and policies related to chronic and infectious diseases, a smoke-free society, and professional education in public health.