Promoting and Improving     
     Population Health in Kansas
Help us make a difference in public health in Kansas!  Members are encouraged to participate in Sections and Committees. If you are interested in becoming involved in one of our Sections below, please e-mail us your name, address and phone number.

Section Name Description


This section is concerned with the management of facilities and services, developing program policies, preparing for and managing crisis, management of grant applications, finances, and reporting, and educating and training staff.

Community Health
This section focuses on public health issues that affect children, families and the larger community.

Emergency Preparedness
This section is focused on networking, sharing, and dispersing information regarding preparedness issues and/or activities across the state.

Environmental Health
This section concentrates on food safety, on-site wastewater, recreational water, and environmental pollution control issues in the air, water, and soil.

Infectious Disease
This section supports local public health staff by identifying training needs and best practices in disease prevention and identification, educating on emerging infections, and facilitating collaboration between local and state health departments in all areas of infectious disease.

Oral Health
This section is interested in the oral health of all Kansans, including supporting legislation that will ultimately improve the oral health of residents of all ages and social groups.

This section works to shape public policy at the state/federal level, provides testimony, urges members to get involved in contacting elected officials, and develops the KPHA Policy Priorities each year. By sustaining a vocal and noticeable presence throughout the policy-making process, public health advocates can ensure that vital programs and services are protected and supported - both fiscally and politically.

Research and Evaluation
This section is concerned with being an advocate for public health research and evaluation within the State of Kansas, encouraging research and evaluation in Kansas public health programs, and providing research and evaluation networking opportunities.

This section is for student members who are enrolled at any college or university and focuses on keeping them abreast of health related issues in Kansas.

Tobacco, Substance Use, and Mental Health
This section is concerned with preventing youth initiation of tobacco, helping youth and adult tobacco users quit, and also works on substance abuse and mental health issues.

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